Watch Free Movies Online: Twisted Fairy Tales

As a kid, you probably heard a lot of fairy tales and had daydreams of being rescued by a fairy godmother or a handsome prince to whisk you away to a castle. Now that you’re all grown up, there’s still no harm on revisiting these old tales of your childhood on screen. The question is: are you ready to do it through a glass darkly?

Most popular fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Hansel and Gretel, have actually been changed and watered down from their original darker incarnations. For instance: did you know that Cinderella’s stepsisters were punished by birds pecking on their eyes, or that Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother was actually their biological mother in the original version of the tale? Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: Rabid Sea Killers

When a movie is set on the beach, you’ll know things will soon go wrong when ominous, heavy music begins to play and the waters begin to stir. Then the carnage begins, all caused by a hungry, bloodthirsty shark (or, at times, a school of piranhas), only ending once a brave human or humans put an end to its reign of terror. Even though you’re cosily sitting in your room, you still can’t help but be terrified by the sea creatures that wreak havoc on innocent people along the beach. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online on Laying Eyes in the Sky

Reconnaissance aircrafts have been in use in as early as World War I, but they relied solely on the air crews’ vision and ability to recall details. By attaching cameras to planes, warring sides were provided an unbiased view of the battlefield, helping commanders make more sound decisions. With that, information became as deadly as firearms. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online for Sci-Fi Horror Comedy

Alien Abduction is another take on sci-fi horror, and this time, it’s B-movie writer/director Eric Forsberg at the helm. Though the genre does appear to be way past its heyday (Alien is too old and there has debatably been nothing as space-scary since 1997’s Event Horizon), some credit must be given to Alien Abduction for being brave enough to tread where very few dared. If that’s not reason enough to like it, then remember that it’s a film about murderous aliens. What’s not to be drawn to? Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: See Hasselhoff Bail Out

Right before he slow-jogged on the beach as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch ─ David Hasselhoff was like many TV actors waiting for a Hollywood offer that would become their launch pad towards a career as a bona fide movie star. Enter Bail Out.

In this movie (also known as W.B., Blue, and the Bean), Hasselhoff plays ‘White Bread’, a playboy tennis coach who works as a bounty hunter on the side. White Bread is one of three bounty hunters who swore to protect an heiress, played by The Exorcist star Linda Blair, who needs to make it to her court date. After the heiress gets kidnapped by Colombian drug smugglers, White Bread and his cohorts fly off to South America to save her. Continue reading

Off to Dinosaur Island? Watch Movies Online Free!

The 2009 film adapts its storyline from the 1924 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs titled The Land That Time Forgot, which many critics considered imaginative and way ahead of its time. The film was released in many countries as Dinosaur Island, presumably to differentiate it from the 1975 film bearing the title of the novel.

The film takes place in the present day when two newlyweds are enjoying a leisure cruise through the Caribbean. After weathering a bizarre storm, they emerge off the shore of the mysterious island of Caprona which they promptly explore. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online Free or for a Fee? The State of Video-on-Demand

Video-on-demand (VOD) giant Netflix is poised to enter the Australian market by March this year and is set to launch dozens of fresh titles from the other side of the world. Experts believe its debut will be decent at best, however.

Dominic White of Business Review Weekly reports that Netflix faces competition from home-grown services like Presto and Stan, which have access to rights-protected shows. Popular shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, according to a report, won’t even show up on Australian Netflix since their rights are owned by Foxtel, which co-owns Presto.

Continue reading

Battle Corpses as You Watch Movies Online Free

Half a century after the terrible zombie epidemic that wiped out nearly half the human race, the living are now at war with the dead. Looking back, no one can remember how or why this happened. Religious fanatics claim this is mankind’s punishment for an eternity of committing sin. Regardless of the cause, the dead have risen and the Zombie Wars are being fought! Continue reading

Watch Movies Online for Free and Travel in Time

The main idea of time travel is simple. Realize a problem, go back in time to stop it, and voila! The human resistance against autonomous cyborgs becomes inexistent.

Trying to understand the science behind time travel, however, is asking for a headache especially when compounded with the paradox problem. For example, what if a man receives plans for a time machine from a stranger, fixes the continuum for his benefit, and goes back in time to tell his past self about it? Under this scenario, who really invented the time machine? Continue reading

Top Budget Date Idea: Watch Movies Online for Free

There are several things you can do with your partner that won’t cost you a thing. You could have a leisurely stroll in the park, spend an afternoon lounging on your patio, or go star-gazing at night. You could take a trip down memory lane by looking at each other’s family photo albums or go on hikes or bike rides (granted you already have the gear and don’t need to buy anything else).

The best budget date, however, is to watch movies online for free. Pick a film, serve some popcorn and refreshments, and bond over the movie’s story. Better yet, have a movie marathon! Watch three or four films in a row without spending anything. Continue reading