Off to Dinosaur Island? Watch Movies Online Free!

The 2009 film adapts its storyline from the 1924 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs titled The Land That Time Forgot, which many critics considered imaginative and way ahead of its time. The film was released in many countries as Dinosaur Island, presumably to differentiate it from the 1975 film bearing the title of the novel.

The film takes place in the present day when two newlyweds are enjoying a leisure cruise through the Caribbean. After weathering a bizarre storm, they emerge off the shore of the mysterious island of Caprona which they promptly explore. Continue reading

Battle Corpses as You Watch Movies Online Free

Half a century after the terrible zombie epidemic that wiped out nearly half the human race, the living are now at war with the dead. Looking back, no one can remember how or why this happened. Religious fanatics claim this is mankind’s punishment for an eternity of committing sin. Regardless of the cause, the dead have risen and the Zombie Wars are being fought! Continue reading

Watch Movies Online for Free and Travel in Time

The main idea of time travel is simple. Realize a problem, go back in time to stop it, and voila! The human resistance against autonomous cyborgs becomes inexistent.

Trying to understand the science behind time travel, however, is asking for a headache especially when compounded with the paradox problem. For example, what if a man receives plans for a time machine from a stranger, fixes the continuum for his benefit, and goes back in time to tell his past self about it? Under this scenario, who really invented the time machine? Continue reading

Top Budget Date Idea: Watch Movies Online for Free

There are several things you can do with your partner that won’t cost you a thing. You could have a leisurely stroll in the park, spend an afternoon lounging on your patio, or go star-gazing at night. You could take a trip down memory lane by looking at each other’s family photo albums or go on hikes or bike rides (granted you already have the gear and don’t need to buy anything else).

The best budget date, however, is to watch movies online for free. Pick a film, serve some popcorn and refreshments, and bond over the movie’s story. Better yet, have a movie marathon! Watch three or four films in a row without spending anything. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online for Free as a Fundraiser

If you’re trying to come up with a small fundraiser that’s easy to manage, a movie night is one way to do it. It’s a great way to attract participants (because you can get a lot of movie lovers to join in), to encourage them to support your cause, and to have fun all at the same time. Plus, it can be easy to organise when you have enough people and creativity to make the event possible.

Here are some steps or planning tips to consider: Continue reading

Score the Best Date: Watch Movies Online For Free

Planning a movie date but a bit short on the budget? You can still have a great time with your date and watch movies online for free: not only do you have more choices for the perfect movie, you can also avoid the lines and cosily settle on your couch with your significant other.

In choosing the genre of movie to watch, romantic comedies are always the safest choice, since the plot is often easy enough to follow that it’s okay to get distracted. These movies can keep the atmosphere light and fun, which is ideal for dates. Popcorn and other typical movie date snacks can always come in handy so you have something to munch on in between laughs. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online for Free Survival Lessons

Maybe the question when stuck on a deserted island isn’t “What will you do?” but “How long will it take you to get out?” History has its fair share of people getting stuck or being left in such locales. The reality show series Survivor makes it look easy, but life as a castaway can have some serious repercussions—even after being rescued.

These and other related aspects are explained in Rescue from Gilligan’s Island, a TV movie following the events of the TV series Gilligan’s Island. In the movie, a crashed Russian satellite becomes the saving grace of Gilligan’s group of castaways, whose ship ran aground due to a tropical storm. They escaped certain death upon knowing that a massive tsunami will eat the island whole. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online Free: Ancient Astronauts

If you’re familiar with the History Channel series Ancient Aliens, then you might be familiar with the hypothesis that what humans of old knew as “Gods” were in fact extra-terrestrial beings. But is such a hypothesis plausible, and is there evidence to prove it?

The documentary film Ancient Astronauts: The Gods From Planet X Volume 2 tackles the so-called Ancient Astronaut Theory and the supposed proof for the notion. The theory claims that during the early years of human civilisation, extra-terrestrial beings with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth and shared their technological know-how with our ancestors. Continue reading

Want Some Quality Time? Watch Movies Online Free!

The average length of a movie has grown longer than it was 80 years ago, from 90 minutes in 1930 to a little over 120 minutes circa 2010. Length is influenced by various factors, primarily budget. Contrary to popular belief, a longer movie doesn’t imply a high budget, like with Quantum of Solace. Part of the James Bond series, this movie ran for 1 hour and 46 minutes and cost $230 million to produce. At $2.16 per minute, it’s one of the most expensive blockbuster movies per minute, according to Teen Movie Guru. Continue reading

Watch movies online for free and make a splash

Many comedies never run short of bikini-clad women. The film “Swimsuit: The Movie” (1997) is definitely not an exception, especially with its title. This mockumentary is about a group of swimsuit models hired by a non-existent Chemical company to shoot a product catalogue as a cover-up for its dirty deeds. The film spoofs the whole Baywatch-Sports Illustrated obsession with scantily-dressed calendar girls as it follows the travails of models forced to front for a company covering up oil spills, defective breast implants, and synthetic food substitutes which they’re accountable for. Continue reading