Watch Movies Online for Free to Scare Yourself

When asking about the qualities that makes a horror movie truly scary, it can be hard to narrow down the exact reasons. This is because of varying styles among directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, and the like. You can see these different styles for yourself when you watch movies online via free streaming sites.

In the long existence of horror films, however, one element has truly stood out: the jump scare. The jump scare is the moment wherein the film’s protagonist does something routine (i.e. looking at the mirror), then he/she looks down and a few seconds later, the ghost, killer, or some other ghoul pops out of nowhere. Continue reading

Watch Free English Movies Online and See What Makes Cult Films a Hit

“One two… Freddy’s coming for you… 3, 4 better lock your door… 5, 6 grab a crucifix… 7, 8, gonna stay up late… 9, 10, never sleep again!”

Back in the ‘90s, Freddy Krueger is sure to have made you shudder. Despite your screams, some of your friends and family members kept watching it over and over. You’d think that was cruel, but you never really stood a chance against a cult film’s power. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online Free: Best Shark B Movies

What’s with sharks and B movies anyway? It’s like every year, a B movie featuring sharks comes out. You already know why B movies are called as such. Some even go as far as to say that B stands for ‘bad’. Still there’s something about B movies and sharks that render some people speechless with delight. Their ridiculousness can be at times, for lack of a better word, awe-inspiring. That being said, here are some best worst shark B movies for you to check out in case you want to watch movies online for free. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online Free to get Benefits

Before the advent of the Internet, people would often flock to the nearest movie theaters to catch the latest blockbuster, or would visit video rental stores to see the latest movie title they offer, among the older titles. However, with the birth of the Internet, people now have alternative options, like when they want to watch movies online for free through video streaming.

Online video streaming has given people the ability to watch movies on-demand. As long as you have a speedy Internet connection, a computer or mobile device, you can go to streaming websites and watch the movies you’ve been wanting to see—from cult classics to interesting documentaries. Continue reading

Zombie Obsession, Watch Movies Online for Free

Cult films like Zombie Wars and Song of the Dead, video games like The Last of Us and Left 4 Dead, and TV Shows like The Walking Dead—what do they all have in common aside from zombies? They all tell us that a zombie apocalypse is something terrible.

Yet, why do we still like, or even love zombie apocalypse-related media? Continue reading

Watch Movies Online Free: Bail and Bounty Hunters

Bail bonding is generally illegal in Australia, if not being practiced in secrecy. It involves a bail bondsman posting bail for the accused for a fee, at least according to reports. While posting bail is all fair under English law, bar associations frown upon bail bonding for a number of reasons such as the fee being non-refundable, even if not convicted of a crime.

Bounty hunters are often tied with bail bondsmen. Duane Chapman, known by his alias “Dog” and host of Dog the Bounty Hunter, is a popular real-life example. They’re not law enforcement agents, but they track down and apprehend wanted individuals in exchange for a hefty reward. Bounty hunters harken back to the era of the Wild West. Continue reading

What Makes a Cult Movie?

For more than a century, movies have been one of the most popular modes of entertainment. That being said, “popularity” can mean different things to different people.

Some movies are considered popular because they were blockbuster hits (like Titanic) or because they were critically acclaimed (see The Godfather). Yet some films barely made a dent at the box office, don’t feature Oscar-worthy performances, and had no groundbreaking special effects to boast of, but somehow became part of the pop culture landscape. Indeed, such is the case with cult films. Continue reading

Experience an Interplanetary War for Free

When an alien race attacks Los Angeles in 1942 but is repelled, they return after 70 years to finish the job. A small band of renegades fights tooth and nail to defend the planet from destruction and ensure the survival of the human race. Adding to the suspense is a government cover up that could have prevented the attack and the near annihilation of humankind. Witness the relentless attacks and decimation of one of America’s premier cities as the skirmish comes down to a gallant standoff between human and alien antagonists… when you watch movies online for free, such as Battle of Los Angeles. Continue reading

Learn About Important Issues by Streaming Movies

Hollywood celebrities are certainly not shy in showing their stance on important issues that take center stage on a daily basis. For instance, Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson are known for their involvement in various U.N. programs, while Leonardo DiCaprio is a popular advocate for education on climate change. Hollywood production houses and cinematographers may not be as vocal as the stars when it comes to taking a stand on important matters; however, they give the public various views of these issues through the movies and projects they work on. Continue reading

Why are Zombies so Popular?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably aware that zombies are experiencing something of a pop culture renaissance these days, as evidenced by cult flicks like Zombie Wars and the ubiquitous The Walking Dead series. Why have these shambling, flesh-hungry monsters become the stars of the entertainment world?

There’s no one answer to this question, but there are a few possible explanations for their popularity. To begin with, zombies pose an interesting irony: they are human (at one point, at least) yet they are clearly something else. That’s why scenes where a person has to deal with a “zombiefied” relative or friend are always so heart-rending. Continue reading