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Battle Corpses as You Watch Movies Online Free

Half a century after the terrible zombie epidemic that wiped out nearly half the human race, the living are now at war with the dead. Looking back, no one can remember how or why this happened. Religious fanatics claim this is mankind’s punishment for an eternity of committing sin. Regardless of the cause, the dead have risen and the Zombie Wars are being fought!

Only a small band of humans remain of a civilisation that once stood proudly at the top of the food chain. Brian, the leader of a hardened group of survivors, discovers that their enemy is no longer the mindless carnivorous killers they were at the start. The dead have developed intelligence and the means to farm humans for food!

Brian and his followers take it upon themselves to warn survivors of his discovery and put an end to the “farming” before they are overrun by the living dead. The soldiers plan an all-out assault on the zombies to rid the planet of the flesh-eating monsters permanently, as the rest of the survivors struggle to overcome the ever-growing zombie hordes. What risks would you take to ensure the survival of your kind?

Does Brian and his group of freedom fighters prevail? What happens next, should the war come to an end? Why subscribe to paid on-demand services to view the zombie film of your choice when you can watch movies online free? Now that’s something to sink your teeth into.

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