Score the Best Date: Watch Movies Online For Free

Planning a movie date but a bit short on the budget? You can still have a great time with your date and watch movies online for free: not only do you have more choices for the perfect movie, you can also avoid the lines and cosily settle on your couch with your significant other.

In choosing the genre of movie to watch, romantic comedies are always the safest choice, since the plot is often easy enough to follow that it’s okay to get distracted. These movies can keep the atmosphere light and fun, which is ideal for dates. Popcorn and other typical movie date snacks can always come in handy so you have something to munch on in between laughs. Continue reading

Watch Movies Online for Free Courtesy of Viewlorium’s Comedy Week

Kirrawee, New South Wales (December 23, 2014) – While the holidays have passed, everyone definitely still has the Christmas hangover. But there’s no need to be down even though the Yuletide festivities are over. For a fun-filled week of hilarity this January, invite buddies over, prepare snacks to munch and sodas to chug, and watch movies online for free available from The Viewlorium.

The movies due for release on Viewlorium’s Comedy Week are Teenape Goes to Camp, Flash!, Getting Wasted, Broke, Baby Fever, Through a Fisheye, and Swimsuit: The Movie. One movie will be shown each day for seven days by the second week of January, and these will be accessible to viewers all over the globe.

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Watch Movies Online for Free Survival Lessons

Maybe the question when stuck on a deserted island isn’t “What will you do?” but “How long will it take you to get out?” History has its fair share of people getting stuck or being left in such locales. The reality show series Survivor makes it look easy, but life as a castaway can have some serious repercussions—even after being rescued.

These and other related aspects are explained in Rescue from Gilligan’s Island, a TV movie following the events of the TV series Gilligan’s Island. In the movie, a crashed Russian satellite becomes the saving grace of Gilligan’s group of castaways, whose ship ran aground due to a tropical storm. They escaped certain death upon knowing that a massive tsunami will eat the island whole. Continue reading

False Rom Com Misconceptions: Watch via Free Online Movie

Billions of dollars in revenue and profit make up the romantic comedy movie industry. Since the rise to popularity of movies in the early 20th century, moviegoers have continued to spend countless hours watching romantic comedy films, and yet some people still find it ridiculous when one claims to favor this genre of film.

Today, romantic comedies get a lot of flak because it is viewed by many people to be setting an impossibly high standard for dating and relationships. However, recent studies show that this is not true. Simply put, it’s time to stop blaming your love life problems on romantic comedies and face the facts.

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Watch Movies Online for Free and Get Your Much-needed Dose of Laughter

You’ve probably heard it said countless times that laughter is the best medicine, owing to the short-term relief it offers as well as its purported long-term health and psychological benefits. No matter how glum or downcast you may feel, a genuinely funny book or movie instantly buoy your spirits and help you forget your troubles, if only for a short while. Not surprisingly, a lot of people looking for their daily dose of laughter watch movies online for free nowadays at sites like The Viewlorium.

As a cinematic genre, comedy encompasses a wide range. Animated movies appeal to both kids and adults, while those with mature or suggestive themes are suitable for an older audience. Comedy can be romantic, action-packed, or even mixed with horror. No matter your taste or mood, there’s sure to be a comedic title that you would enjoy.

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Watch Movies Online Free: Ancient Astronauts

If you’re familiar with the History Channel series Ancient Aliens, then you might be familiar with the hypothesis that what humans of old knew as “Gods” were in fact extra-terrestrial beings. But is such a hypothesis plausible, and is there evidence to prove it?

The documentary film Ancient Astronauts: The Gods From Planet X Volume 2 tackles the so-called Ancient Astronaut Theory and the supposed proof for the notion. The theory claims that during the early years of human civilisation, extra-terrestrial beings with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth and shared their technological know-how with our ancestors. Continue reading

Why do People laugh when Watching Funny Free Movies for Streaming?

Stand-up comedy acts, along with general stuff most people find funny (i.e. people hurting themselves while doing something stupid) elicit laughter. Yet this pretty normal human act is still technically a scientific enigma, writes Jake Rocheleau for

It is not known what exactly makes something funny, mainly because there are too many factors that dictate how different people react to different situations. They may look at pictures they deem funny and laugh themselves hoarse, or get especially boisterous when they watch such movies online for free—like Don’t Shoot the Pharmacist or Broke, for instanceat sites like the Viewlorium.

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Watch Online Movies for Free and Discover the Best in Raunchy Comedy

Prior to the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2, lead actress Jennifer Aniston sat down with Glamour to briefly discuss the risqué yet ever popular relationship between sex and comedy. Aniston’s role as Dr. Julia Harris had her wondering about the limitations of portraying such a character. Apparently, she’s fine with it “as long as it’s funny and doesn’t make us want to vomit.”

While Horrible Bosses 2 can’t be considered sex comedy per se—given that its plot also revolves around crime rather than raunch—it still delivers the laughs. Interestingly, the genre isn’t entirely a recent invention as it’s been around since olden times. Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (411 B.C.) is one fine example. The ancient Greek play, which is replete with bawdy situations, tells the story of a band of women from various city-states who resisted the Peloponnesian War efforts by enforcing celibacy upon the entire nation.

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Want Some Quality Time? Watch Movies Online Free!

The average length of a movie has grown longer than it was 80 years ago, from 90 minutes in 1930 to a little over 120 minutes circa 2010. Length is influenced by various factors, primarily budget. Contrary to popular belief, a longer movie doesn’t imply a high budget, like with Quantum of Solace. Part of the James Bond series, this movie ran for 1 hour and 46 minutes and cost $230 million to produce. At $2.16 per minute, it’s one of the most expensive blockbuster movies per minute, according to Teen Movie Guru. Continue reading

Go Watch Online Movies For Free a Healthy and Comedic Holiday Treat

We’ve all heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. As it turns out, it’s not a joke! Laughing actually does more than make you catch your breath and get a little teary eyed. Laughter can actually give you a health boost.

Did you know that laughter and exercise share some things in common? When we laugh, the muscles throughout our face and body stretch, blood pressure increases and we breathe faster, sending more oxygen to tissues. Laughter research pioneers claim that one minute of hearty laughter is almost equivalent to ten minutes on a rowing machine. Not only that, research also shows that ten to fifteen minutes of laughter burns somewhere around fifty calories.

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