Best Reasons to Stream Movies Online for Free: Post-apocalyptic Films

Fictional accounts of the end of the world—whether in books or on film—continue to fascinate humanity. Whilst a particularly compelling apocalyptic film can stir up wild visions about such an even happening in your lifetime, you’d want to comfort yourself that it’s all speculation – even as you bake the popcorn for your next feature. Christopher Zumski Finke states in his article for Yes! magazine: Continue reading

Go ‘All Throttle, No Bottle’ with Free Online Movie Streaming Services

The various racing competitions held throughout Australia thrill spectators with doses of high-octane action. Aussie turned Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth proved this point when he immortalised Formula 1 driver James Hunt in the 2013 sleeper hit Rush opposite Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda. An article on Stuff TV puts it succinctly: Continue reading

Movie Watching with Your Family

If you’re looking for an inexpensive recreational activity with your family, watching a movie can be the perfect option. It’s a lot less costly than an out-of-town camping or swimming trip. Furthermore, if you have a good internet connection, you can watch all the movies your family wants for free–all you have to spend on are the snacks. Continue reading

Sci-Fi: A Broad Movie Genre with a Wide Appeal

There’s probably no literary or movie genre that’s as beloved by many as science fiction. This can be generally defined as a collection of stories dealing with science, and, in many cases, the future. Though it only became popular during the 20th Century, sci-fi has since spawned various subgenres including space operas (like George Lucas’ Star Wars) and time travel (like H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine). Continue reading

The Advantages of Streaming Movies Online

Movie lovers nowadays are fortunate that they can watch movies on the fly via online movie streaming websites. Back in the old days, if people wanted to watch a movie, they would check the papers for upcoming attractions, go to the local cinema, and line up for the movie’s premiere or for a good week to see it; those who were not able to do so have the choice of either waiting for the movie’s TV release (which will take several months after its theatre release), or for a video version. Continue reading

Movie Streaming Website Debuts in Australia with Free Movies, No Gotchas, No Signups, No Catches!

Now, an Australian company enters the space of free streaming movies online.

After 15 years of bringing international movie titles to Australia, Flashback is launching their state of the art Free Movies Streaming service:

The is a 100% free, advertising supported streaming service where all of the content is available to Australians.

You can now watch television programming and a wide range of movies across the genres of Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Horror, Lifestyle, Sci-Fi, Travel, War, Weird, and Western, anytime, anywhere, on any device, and totally free.

All programming and movies are totally free, and with no need to sign up, register, or give any of your personal details. With over 600 titles already available and 1000’s waiting to go up the Viewlorium endeavours to be one of the most regularly updated streaming services available.

“Unlike many other on demand video streaming websites, we will never force viewers to subscribe” says Jon Hume, Head of Digital.  “We are launching with 100% free movies with no strings, and we endeavour to keep our ad loads to an absolute minimum.   Ours is an advertising financed business model which means the number one benefit we offer over paid and subscription based models is we will always be providing movie and entertainment content totally free, yeah ok you will have to watch a few ads but I can promise you the ad load will be nowhere near as high as free to air or pay TV”.

“We believe that free movie content is not just tempting but an essential component for consumers of the internet and Web 2.0.” says Mr Hume.  “Free is the expectation, and viewers won’t put up with anything that resembles a past and dead business model, like pay per view services…that’s just trying to bring back the days of renting a video.  Those days are gone”

Online Viewing Now Almost Level with Traditional TV

In fact, according to a recent survey made by *Ericsson ConsumerLab,75 percent of over 23000 respondents reported to have watched any type of streamed video ‘numerous times’ a week. On the other hand, 77 percent reported to have watched broadcast television ‘several times’ a week. This shows that online viewing is now almost at par with traditional television viewing.

“Being a major player in the DVD movie distribution and licensing business, we have seen firsthand where the market is heading, and for a massive amount of content it will need to be to free ad supported streaming, There is a wealth of underutilized content out there whether that be back catalogue or newer titles from independents and smaller studios. Don’t get me wrong no one is under any illusions that these are current blockbusters but it’s still great content and we think if it’s available for free then why wouldn’t you watch it?  Now it’s up to the public to validate this model for our market so we can get our hands on more of the major’s underutilized content”

The company has licensing rights for not just Australia, but for the vast majority of titles the world and so is set for global expansion.

How much it will dent pirate and torrents websites remains to be seen as video piracy is a major challenge, but with governments here and overseas actively looking to stamp this out, the future looks solid for the business model.

“I don’t think you will ever stamp out piracy, and the truth is the current model is still very lucrative for the major studios. What we want to do is show them there is much more you can do with your underutilized content and most importantly that Australia is a worthwhile market. For that to happen we need to demonstrate how successful this model can be even in a market as small as Australia” Says Mr Hume



Shock and Awe While Watching Online

Horror movies are in a class all their own. In the broadest sense, they are meant to elicit screams from the audience through a good story, creepy special effects, and sheer terror. Developments in filmmaking technology over the years helped ramp up the shock factor but why do people enjoy watching online horror movies for free – knowing it may leave them shaking at night?

Induced Weight-Loss?

Some studies claim that watching a horror movie can encourage a patron to lose weight – and not just from the potentially gory scenes. In one particular test, 12 non-obese men had their metabolism rates slightly higher than normal levels after watching a particularly “stress-inducing” horror flick. Continue reading