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Watch Free Movies Online: See Hasselhoff Bail Out

Right before he slow-jogged on the beach as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch ─ David Hasselhoff was like many TV actors waiting for a Hollywood offer that would become their launch pad towards a career as a bona fide movie star. Enter Bail Out.

In this movie (also known as W.B., Blue, and the Bean), Hasselhoff plays ‘White Bread’, a playboy tennis coach who works as a bounty hunter on the side. White Bread is one of three bounty hunters who swore to protect an heiress, played by The Exorcist star Linda Blair, who needs to make it to her court date. After the heiress gets kidnapped by Colombian drug smugglers, White Bread and his cohorts fly off to South America to save her.

The end scene is definitely something to watch. There are gratuitous explosions, minions that can’t hit anything, and a slow-motion scene where Hasselhoff gets to yell his heart out while diving to the ground, blowing the drug lord’s helicopter away with a giant gun.

Like any good B-movie, Bail Out has its fair share of cheesy and fun scenes; many even find Hasselhoff charming in it. If you’ve grown weary of seeing him as a do-gooder with a talking car or a do-gooder on the beach, perhaps you’d like to watch free movies online on sites like The Viewlorium and see Hasselhoff in a new light: as a do-gooder bounty hunter-slash-tennis pro.

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