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Watch Free Movies Online: Twisted Fairy Tales

As a kid, you probably heard a lot of fairy tales and had daydreams of being rescued by a fairy godmother or a handsome prince to whisk you away to a castle. Now that you’re all grown up, there’s still no harm on revisiting these old tales of your childhood on screen. The question is: are you ready to do it through a glass darkly?

Most popular fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Hansel and Gretel, have actually been changed and watered down from their original darker incarnations. For instance: did you know that Cinderella’s stepsisters were punished by birds pecking on their eyes, or that Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother was actually their biological mother in the original version of the tale?

Whether it’s to return fairy tales to such roots or make them scarier than they really were, some movies have been giving their own darker spin on popular childhood tales. Anthony Ferrante’s version of Hansel and Gretel, for one, has the two children attempt to escape from an old woman’s pie shop, which sells pies made of human meat. In reviewing the film, FakeShemp.net praised the aesthetics of the film, and said that this should appeal to those who are looking for a great scare.

With movies like this and, say, Paranormal Entity, you can bet you’ll stay up longer at night as well as have a great time with your friends when you want to watch free movies online on sites like The Viewlorium.

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