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Watch Free Movies Online: Rabid Sea Killers

When a movie is set on the beach, you’ll know things will soon go wrong when ominous, heavy music begins to play and the waters begin to stir. Then the carnage begins, all caused by a hungry, bloodthirsty shark (or, at times, a school of piranhas), only ending once a brave human or humans put an end to its reign of terror. Even though you’re cosily sitting in your room, you still can’t help but be terrified by the sea creatures that wreak havoc on innocent people along the beach.

Ever since the release of Jaws, some horror movies are now exploring the themes of sharks and piranhas as sea killers (although, in real life, these sea dwellers are generally peaceful unless provoked). If you’ve been terrified by Jaws or Piranha, why not try a movie that’s literally twice (or thrice) the size?

Get ready for “Mega Piranha”, a 2010 horror film which revolves around scientifically modified giant piranhas. After escaping from their laboratory, these mega piranhas wreak havoc along their way to Florida. There’s no shortage here of frights and carnage, and the movie is also full of action that will definitely keep your heart pumping. If you thought Piranha was scary, then wait until you catch Mega Piranha. It will certainly tell you that your decision to watch free movies online on sites like The Viewlorium was well-informed.

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