Watch Free Movies Online: Twisted Fairy Tales

As a kid, you probably heard a lot of fairy tales and had daydreams of being rescued by a fairy godmother or a handsome prince to whisk you away to a castle. Now that you’re all grown up, there’s still no harm on revisiting these old tales of your childhood on screen. The question is: are you ready to do it through a glass darkly?

Most popular fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Hansel and Gretel, have actually been changed and watered down from their original darker incarnations. For instance: did you know that Cinderella’s stepsisters were punished by birds pecking on their eyes, or that Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother was actually their biological mother in the original version of the tale? Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: Rabid Sea Killers

When a movie is set on the beach, you’ll know things will soon go wrong when ominous, heavy music begins to play and the waters begin to stir. Then the carnage begins, all caused by a hungry, bloodthirsty shark (or, at times, a school of piranhas), only ending once a brave human or humans put an end to its reign of terror. Even though you’re cosily sitting in your room, you still can’t help but be terrified by the sea creatures that wreak havoc on innocent people along the beach. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online on Laying Eyes in the Sky

Reconnaissance aircrafts have been in use in as early as World War I, but they relied solely on the air crews’ vision and ability to recall details. By attaching cameras to planes, warring sides were provided an unbiased view of the battlefield, helping commanders make more sound decisions. With that, information became as deadly as firearms. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online for Sci-Fi Horror Comedy

Alien Abduction is another take on sci-fi horror, and this time, it’s B-movie writer/director Eric Forsberg at the helm. Though the genre does appear to be way past its heyday (Alien is too old and there has debatably been nothing as space-scary since 1997’s Event Horizon), some credit must be given to Alien Abduction for being brave enough to tread where very few dared. If that’s not reason enough to like it, then remember that it’s a film about murderous aliens. What’s not to be drawn to? Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: See Hasselhoff Bail Out

Right before he slow-jogged on the beach as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch ─ David Hasselhoff was like many TV actors waiting for a Hollywood offer that would become their launch pad towards a career as a bona fide movie star. Enter Bail Out.

In this movie (also known as W.B., Blue, and the Bean), Hasselhoff plays ‘White Bread’, a playboy tennis coach who works as a bounty hunter on the side. White Bread is one of three bounty hunters who swore to protect an heiress, played by The Exorcist star Linda Blair, who needs to make it to her court date. After the heiress gets kidnapped by Colombian drug smugglers, White Bread and his cohorts fly off to South America to save her. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online for Fun with Everyone

It used to be that people had to own a physical copy of a movie, whether in tape or disc format, just to play films in the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to the recent popularity of video-on-demand services on the Web, however, users no longer have to maintain a space-eating collection of their favourite videos. With a fast enough network connection, users can now watch free movies online by streaming them for the whole family. Continue reading

Tip for Aspiring Critics: Watch Free Movies Online

If you’re looking to venture into a career in critiquing films, you need to build up an impressive portfolio. They say that practice makes perfect, so keep these tips in mind to help you write thought-provoking pieces:

Watch It Twice

You’ll want to watch a film at least twice if you truly want to critique it. Use the first run through to take down all your notes, while the second time around should be used to help you find more supporting details to your initial notes or to alter your views on certain points. This can be difficult to do when you start out, so feel free to pause in the middle of the movie if you need to. Make time to watch free movies online as reliable streaming sites usually have a vast library of films, from the mainstreams to obscure cult classics. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: Wartime Courage

In 1987, Escape from Sobibor was produced based on the real story of how Jewish prisoners of war engineered their prison break from a Nazi concentration camp against all odds. Their true-to-life tale, along with countless other stories, inspired generations thereafter never to indulge in the horrors of war.

During the Second World War, the Nazi regime created six “Death Camps” (extermination centres) in Eastern Poland. One of these was Sobibor. While other concentration camps were mainly labour or punishment camps, these extermination centres had only one purpose — to quickly kill as many Jews as possible. A small group of prisoners were kept alive to work the camp under control of the Nazis. The film chronicles their struggle for freedom from oppression and certain death. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: Elements of Comedy Films

Comedy is a genre of film that utilizes humour in its storyline, along with the actions and dialogues of the characters. It also has sub-genres that mix humour with other elements, including action-comedy, horror-comedy, and romantic-comedy.

Audiences who are fond of watching comedy films do not realise that aside from the plot and characters in the film, there are other elements incorporated as well. Writers and/or producers strategically place punch lines used by the characters in their dialogues in accordance with certain actions. This enables a more efficient flow to the film’s storyline and provides better laughs to its audience. Continue reading

Watch Free Movies Online: The Funny Film Factor

Are you a naturally funny person, or do you lack some points in the sense of humour department? Perhaps you want to be wittier or more comical to entertain your friends more, or charm your co-workers out of their office workstation. There are many ways you can improve your personality and unleash the comedian in you, but start with this one advice of experts: watch some comedies.

Watching Makes You Funnier

Believe it or not, there have been several studies about the benefits of comedies to the people watching them. Some reports found that these funny films could make you smarter and more creative, which would help in cooking up witty remarks, retorts, and jokes. Continue reading