How do Films Make Money?

The first thing to come to mind would be ticket sales, but this is merely the tip of the film industry’s profit-making iceberg. Even the makers of free online English movies get to make a few bucks. The actual number of income-generating schemes is quite remarkable. Apart from box office and concession stand revenue, here are other recognisable ones.

DVD, Blu-ray, downloads, streaming

These will be available several weeks after the film’s theatrical run for the blokes who were too busy to view it then. Online vendors make a killing when DVD and Blu-ray editions are released with cut scenes, commentaries, and other special features. Continue reading

Everyone Loves Aussie Films… Except the Aussies

This decade may not be a good time to be in the cinema business in Australia, unless you’re an Aussie actor or director who starred in or directed a Hollywood film. It’s ironic that films done by stellar Australian directors like David Michôd, the Spierig brothers, and Zac Hilditch didn’t even come close to the US$ 1 million mark. Continue reading

The Cinematic Web: Watching Movies Online

The Internet is a vast repository of information of all sorts, and it is possible to search the Web for just about anything you can think of. The virtual space is also host to numerous digital media, particularly videos. It is even possible to watch movies on the Internet, freeing you from having to use a DVD player or even from visiting a theatre to watch your favourite films. Continue reading

Joining the Cult: What Makes a Cult Movie?

Surely you have heard the term “cult movie” mentioned every now and then, possibly from a friend who is such a movie enthusiast. The label has been used to describe various films from vastly different genres, making it harder for the uninformed to determine what makes a movie reach “cult” status. What exactly is a cult movie, though, and what makes them so different from other movies? Continue reading

Films You Should Watch: Bounty Hunters

If you’ve ever caught an episode of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” you may have thought to yourself that being a bounty hunter is a pretty cool job. After all, going after people who have violated their bail agreements can get pretty intense.

Bounty hunters have had prominent roles in the history of film. If you’re looking for good films that revolves around the actions of bounty hunters, here are a few movies you should watch: Continue reading