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Off to Dinosaur Island? Watch Movies Online Free!

The 2009 film adapts its storyline from the 1924 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs titled The Land That Time Forgot, which many critics considered imaginative and way ahead of its time. The film was released in many countries as Dinosaur Island, presumably to differentiate it from the 1975 film bearing the title of the novel.

The film takes place in the present day when two newlyweds are enjoying a leisure cruise through the Caribbean. After weathering a bizarre storm, they emerge off the shore of the mysterious island of Caprona which they promptly explore.

Apparently, Caprona exists within a “hole” in time inside the Bermuda Triangle. The inhabitants consist of dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and the crew of a stranded German World War II U-Boat. The couple, the charter boat’s captain, and the Germans must struggle to overcome a variety of obstacles to escape the island and return to their respective times. These challenges include the duplicity of the guides who steal the cruise boat, leaving the couples and the Germans with no transportation.

The newlyweds collaborate with the Germans to repair the submarine and make it seaworthy. Unfortunate circumstances prevent the couple, Frost and Karen, from boarding the submarine as it launched for outer waters, marooning them forever.

Did Frost and Karen manage to escape Caprona? Did the German submarine make it back to its time? Find out by subscribing to paid services to explore an exotic island set in another time, or pay nothing and watch movies online free.

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