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Watch Free Movies Online for Sci-Fi Horror Comedy

Alien Abduction is another take on sci-fi horror, and this time, it’s B-movie writer/director Eric Forsberg at the helm. Though the genre does appear to be way past its heyday (Alien is too old and there has debatably been nothing as space-scary since 1997’s Event Horizon), some credit must be given to Alien Abduction for being brave enough to tread where very few dared. If that’s not reason enough to like it, then remember that it’s a film about murderous aliens. What’s not to be drawn to?

The film fittingly starts off with an alien abduction, as the title suggests. After the encounter, movie heroine Jean (played with sexy B-movie aplomb by Megan Lee Etheridge) finds herself in a secret mental institution run by the government where they are set to be brainwashed. Think the premise sounds absurd, even funny? Then wait till you actually watch the movie.

Is the film any good? If the sheer number of views on Video on Demand sites are any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes. More than just a horror film, it has its fair doses of really funny moments, both intentional and not. Aside from the acting, the first several minutes alone shows Jean reacting in astonishment to a perfectly normal sun.

The good news is you don’t need to get a Netflix subscription if you’re itching to watch the movie—you can simply watch free movies online on sites like The Viewlorium. Be sure to mind your funny bone.

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