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How Habits of Individuals who Watch Movies Online for Free Changed

Are you fond of watching movies on your computer or laptop? Do you often find yourself “binge watching” films or having hour-long viewing marathons every weekend? A lot of other Australians are just like you, and everyone has accessible online streaming sites to thank for that.

The digital age has truly paved the way for various industries to boom, and video-on-demand (VOD) services are one of them. In Australia, for instance, young viewers (teens and adults in their 20s or early 30s) are continually shifting away from conventional television in favour of these convenient, pocket-friendly online channels.

Australian television viewing minutes fall as viewers go online

Some attribute such trend to the increasing ownership of handy devices (about 40% of Aussie households have a tablet, while close to 70% of those aged older than 16 have a smartphone). Others, however, are saying that it’s the “Netflix era” and owe the phenomena to the VOD giant that has dominated the global market and will soon arrive in Australia.

In fact, recent reports show that individuals between 25-34 years old are watching 4 hours and 19 minutes less television within a year’s span. The decline is more dramatic when you start calculating in decades! On the other hand, using computers, tablets, and mobile phones to watch videos is becoming more prevalent, as some age groups do so for as much as 12 hours in a month.

The shift of television to online channels trend is just one part of the story. The way the Internet is used to access videos has also evolved over time. Before, the recreational activity was only limited to homes, but now, it’s quite common to find people enjoying a movie and other videos at work, during commutes, and virtually anywhere.

Of course, watching movies online throughout the day or anywhere you want can get expensive, especially for teens or young adults who have limited budgets. Some of them can also be dissatisfied with what sites like Netflix, Stan, and Presto Movies offer at extra costs. Fortunately, when they want to watch movies online free of charge, they have great alternatives to these subscription-based sites.

The habits of online users who like to watch movies online for free has truly changed, and sites that allow them to do so, such as Viewlorium, are now an indispensable part of their lives. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, since many movies in these sites are actually educational and quite entertaining. They can teach a thing or two about the cultures of other countries or the histories of certain groups. Otherwise, viewers can simply have fun with eclectic movie genres and unique stories of underrated films.

(Source: Australian television viewing minutes fall as viewers go online, informitv)

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