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Visit a Future that Might have been When You Watch Movies Online Free

The term “dystopia” refers to a vision of civilisation that is the opposite of “utopia”, or a society devastated by anything from engineered viruses and armed conflict to fictional creatures like zombies and vampires. Explore-Science-Fiction-Movies.com highlighted why this genre of science fiction can sometimes become an eye-opener for fans who watch movies online free about the world as they know it—and what it could become should the unthinkable occur.

Dystopian Movies

Close to Home

The plots of many dystopian movies hit dangerously close to home. Movies like Soylent Green, Blade Runner, and Mad Max have made audiences uneasy, and it’s easy to see why: these are futures that are easily reachable, given current technology trends and capabilities.

Nation of Oppression

Film makers have managed to extrapolate some current social trends and popular ideas and taken them to their logical extremes to create dreary and often oppressive futures. While humanity is typically the victim of its own unchecked greed and ambition, however, there are stories wherein our tormentors aren’t Homo sapiens at all—see movies like Zombie Wars, World War Z, Daybreakers, Planet of the Apes, and Reign of Fire.

The Worst-case Scenario

What could be more devastating than a nuclear holocaust? How about an epidemic of infertility that plagues mankind (Children of Men) or a virus so deadly and fast-acting (28 Days Later and Omega Man) that wipes out the population in a matter of months? People rarely stop and think about what would happen if something as terrible as these events were to occur in the real world.

Some staples of dystopian fiction—overdependence on technology and medications, social divisions founded on discrimination, censorship and mass surveillance, Big Brother-esque control over private affairs—eerily mirror reality to a certain extent, and have been around for quite some time now. Rather than transport audiences to an imaginary place, dystopian films feature scenarios that are too close for comfort, acting as warnings to humanity not to cross these lines.

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(Source: Dystopian Movies — Too Close for Comfort, Explore Science Fiction Movies)

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