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Watch Movies Online Free to Understand Why “They” Don’t Come in Peace

For decades since the 1950s, everything from microscopic parasites to giant mechanical tripods have had a go at trying to take over planet Earth–fortunately for us, only on film. Audiences in cinemas as well as those who watch movies online free have always been thrilled by the idea that the human race is capable of triumphing over technologically superior alien invaders. Metacritic’s Mike Thompson highlighted several reasons why invasion films always have viewers on their feet cheering for the home team.

10 Alien Invasion Movies Worth Watching

Red Scare

Back in the era of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain around the Soviet Union, the Western sphere lived in constant fear of a hostile takeover by a daunting foe. This dread motivated film makers to create such timeless hits as War of the Worlds and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which served as political commentary using science fiction as a vehicle.

Back in the ‘80s

The alien invasion genre took a break in the 1960s only to make a roaring return in the 1980s with a touch of horror via such hits as They Live and The Thing. Although the socio-political commentary was still present, audiences were drawn more to the over-the-top gore.

“Do not go gentle into that good night…”

The blockbuster hits Independence Day and Men in Black put dazzling visual effects and rousing spectacles ahead of the social commentary and made the 1990s an exciting time to be invaded by aliens. The skyrocketing popularity of the invasion genre gave birth to parodies like Mars Attacks!, but later sobered up with the paranoia brought about by the X-Files television series and motion picture.

New Twists in the 21st Century

In the last decade, invading aliens have continued to threaten the Earth in unlikely surroundings such as the American Wild West (Cowboys versus Aliens) and the high seas (Battleship). The Transformers series made Earth an arena for warring mechanical aliens to duke it out with the winner dominating the planet. Battle of Los Angeles is an inspiring tale of military victory against all odds set in the premier metropolis.

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(Source: 10 Alien Invasion Movies Worth Watching, Metacritic)

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