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A Reason to Watch Free Movies Online—Intriguing Found Footage Films

Have you encountered a horror movie which claims that every footage shown is real? Ever since the advent of the 1999 horror film The Blair Witch Project, more horror movies have been exploring the idea of terrifying the audience with the premise that what they are seeing actually happened in real life. This horror sub-genre has been dubbed as the “found footage” genre, which is steadily gaining popularity in both movies and television.

Why Are Found Footage Movies So Popular

Found What?

With the growing popularity of the found footage genre, Screen Rant interviewed scriptwriter John Swetnam, who readily shared his thoughts about the subject. According to Swetnam, found footage films terrify the audience more since it somehow involves them in the story, thus the scares are more visceral and direct. “It’s like 3D in that it’s another way to get the audience closer to your story; to immerse them in the world you’ve created,” he explained.

However, according to Swetnam, found footage films are still in the process of evolving and developing itself for the better. Since this sub-genre is particularly new in the market, filmmakers are looking for innovative and fresher ways to show their stories on the screen and, just like any other movie, the success of their work will ultimately depend on a great script and a talented cast. Scott Tobias from The Dissolve, meanwhile, says that an effective found footage film must rely on making the first thirds of its story interesting enough.

Great Examples

There are a lot of horror movies under the found footage genre, one of which is Paranormal Entity. Released in 2009, the story revolves around a household, a mother and her two teenage kids, who are terrorised by a malevolent spirit. All the supernatural activities, which led to the daughter’s murder by the terrorising demon, were caught on tape, and these recordings were discovered a year later in the house’s attic.

While you could easily dismiss this as another found footage film, and you’d think you’re better off watching other movies like Paranormal Entity, you might want to give the film a chance. In his review, Todd Martin from HorrorNews.net said that this film is one of the better ones in the whole found footage genre (even stating that he liked it better than Paranormal Activity).

Yes, paid streaming sites like Netflix have movies for horror fans, but why spend when you can watch free movies online? Sites like the Viewlorium have a wide range of horror film choices, including Paranormal Entity (of course) and other titles that are sure to keep you up all night.

(Source: Why Are Found Footage Movies So Popular?, Screen Rant)

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