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Want to Watch Free Movies Online? Try Popular Cult Movies for a Change

Are you a fan of little-known, quirky, and odd films? You might not know it, but you could be a fan of cult films, movies that are sometimes out of the ordinary and tackle controversial topics. Cult movies are generally defined as movies that have an active communal following, and they focus on unique topics or subjects and almost always lean toward the weird and peculiar.

Definition of Cult Cinema

Anatomy of a Cult Movie

According to Cultographies.com, a cult movie generally has many features that distinguishes it from the typical blockbuster—and these features include innovation. Cult movies challenge convention and attempt to instigate new filmmaking techniques. In fact, some popular cult movies might be considered bad by critics, branding them as out of the norm or poorly made, but it is usually this type of cinematic stigma that turn plain “bad” movies into cult classics that are said to be “so bad, it’s good.”

Moreover, cult films encourage comparisons and connections with other films, from subtle references and the like. Cult movies are not for the faint-of-heart, because these movies aren’t afraid to show blood and gore—one sure way to almost immediately achieve a cult status. This is, however, not to encourage violence among the audience, but it is simply another trademark of cult movies: tackling uncomfortable themes that may give viewers a sense of impurity, and more often than not, also showing them the vulnerability of the human body.

A Fine Example

In the tradition of movies gaining massive following such as The Toxic Avenger, one such movie that can be considered a cult film is the Eric Forsberg-directed film, Mega Piranha. Like the title suggests, the movie focuses on larger-than-life piranhas wreaking havoc and terror as they make their way towards Florida. Critics described the film as something for bad-movie enthusiasts, and Craig McGee of HorrorNews.net, who happens to be a fan of cheesy and schlocky movies, highly recommended it to readers.

Cult Movie Audience

Joe Queenan, meanwhile, writing for The Guardian, shared an amazing insight on the people who are devoted to cult films. According to him, fans of cult movies might be encouraging more people to watch these movies and to give them wider attention, yet secretly fear that in doing so can take away the fun of enjoying them.

Most well-known cult films are posted on sites such as Netflix, yet you don’t need to pay if you’re after a more hard-to-find title when you can find and watch them for free in streaming sites like Viewlorium. With hundreds of movies you can stream, you can watch free movies online without hassle, anytime and anywhere. Who knows, maybe you might discover your “new cult favourite” among their titles.

(Source: Cultographies’ Definition of Cult Cinema, Cultographies.com)

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