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About Australia’s Paid and Free Online Movie Streaming Preferences

A recent report entitled Online and on Demand: Trends in Australian Online Video Use reveals details about Australians who enjoy movie streaming. The study found several key details about Australians who stream content on paid services land sites that offer free online movie streaming like Viewlorium. Ultimately, the study discovered that the strong preference for Hollywood films in Australian Cinemas is not mirrored in their online viewing habits.

When asked about their cinema habits, Australians, yielded the following response: 59% watch Hollywood films, 31% say they watch Australian films, while 21% say they favour the independent/arthouse variety. On the other hand, when asked about their video-on-demand (VOD) preferences, only 33% watch Hollywood films, 20% go for the locally produced, and a steady 21% will still go for independent/arthouse films.

Screen Daily

One interesting finding of the study was that people are generally unwilling to pay for the movies they watch online wherein 50% of VOD viewers say they are not interested in using paid models, and prefer to watch movies online for free instead. If you consider yourself to be a practical movie enthusiast, then it’s a good bet that you’ve visited sites like Viewlorium before. If not, know that such sites allow you to stream movies free of charge, without the need to register or install anything.

Clearly, online video viewing has matured enough to become a widespread activity for a lot of consumers. You could even blame it on the proliferation of mobile Internet devices such as smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, movie streaming still has a long way to go—slow Internet speeds, a lack of technical know-how, and the high costs of paid services are what’s keeping it from achieving true mainstream use.

Moving forward, providers need to be aware of the fact that users are increasingly looking to view video content on their mobile devices. As consumers get more comfortable using them, it’s important for broadcasters and content providers to support users across multiple devices, allowing anyone who wants to watch their movies anytime, anywhere, and on any device—and with free streaming sites, you get to do all that without spending a single dollar.

(Source: Australia’s VOD habits revealed, Screen Daily, November 17, 2014)

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