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Tip for Aspiring Critics: Watch Free Movies Online

If you’re looking to venture into a career in critiquing films, you need to build up an impressive portfolio. They say that practice makes perfect, so keep these tips in mind to help you write thought-provoking pieces:

Watch It Twice

You’ll want to watch a film at least twice if you truly want to critique it. Use the first run through to take down all your notes, while the second time around should be used to help you find more supporting details to your initial notes or to alter your views on certain points. This can be difficult to do when you start out, so feel free to pause in the middle of the movie if you need to. Make time to watch free movies online as reliable streaming sites usually have a vast library of films, from the mainstreams to obscure cult classics.

It’s More than a Story

Don’t forget that films are an audio-visual experience. Pay close attention to the lighting and music of a film. After all, when was the last time you enjoyed a film that was overexposed and had scattershot audio? You should also pay attention to how the lights and sounds affect the mood of the film.

Genres and Subgenres

Familiarise yourself with the different genres and subgenres of film, and how to differentiate them all. This will help you ground your expectations and give your arguments and comments a better foothold.

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