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Score the Best Date: Watch Movies Online For Free

Planning a movie date but a bit short on the budget? You can still have a great time with your date and watch movies online for free: not only do you have more choices for the perfect movie, you can also avoid the lines and cosily settle on your couch with your significant other.

In choosing the genre of movie to watch, romantic comedies are always the safest choice, since the plot is often easy enough to follow that it’s okay to get distracted. These movies can keep the atmosphere light and fun, which is ideal for dates. Popcorn and other typical movie date snacks can always come in handy so you have something to munch on in between laughs.

When the movie starts, try to get comfortable with each other: if you’re on your first date, don’t be pushy about having to hold her hand and just let her settle into her comfort zone until she gets comfortable enough to let you. Patience is also a virtue in these dates, for you have to make her feel accustomed to her surroundings for a truly relaxed movie night.

Watching movies online has one advantage, especially on movie dates: there’s no schedule to follow. After the movie, you could always end the date on a high note by treating her to dinner or light snacks. With these tips, you could have the most memorable movie date of your life.


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