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Watch Movies Online for Free Courtesy of Viewlorium’s Comedy Week

Kirrawee, New South Wales (December 23, 2014) – While the holidays have passed, everyone definitely still has the Christmas hangover. But there’s no need to be down even though the Yuletide festivities are over. For a fun-filled week of hilarity this January, invite buddies over, prepare snacks to munch and sodas to chug, and watch movies online for free available from The Viewlorium.

The movies due for release on Viewlorium’s Comedy Week are Teenape Goes to Camp, Flash!, Getting Wasted, Broke, Baby Fever, Through a Fisheye, and Swimsuit: The Movie. One movie will be shown each day for seven days by the second week of January, and these will be accessible to viewers all over the globe.

The streaming website has a broad collection of B-movies that will surely keep cinephiles glued to the couch. B-movies are called thus because they are filmed out of art houses on low budgets. Marked by a high degree of ingenuity using alternative content and storytelling techniques that can even border on the avant-garde, a lot of these films successfully reach cult classic status despite not reigning in the box office.

For those who would like a rich, thrilling, and enjoyable film-watching experience with movie genres and story types not commonly featured in Hollywood, B-movies are the best option. They are radical deviations from conventional films owing to their amusing characterisations and erratic, sometimes out-of-this-world plots that keep movie junkies wanting for more.

For more of these kinds of movies, simply browse through www.ViewLorium.com

About The Viewlorium

The website has free online movies streaming available for viewing anywhere there’s an internet connection. Comedies are just a portion of its vast collection of films from various genres. Its menu includes sci-fi, horror, drama, family, lifestyle, war, documentaries, and many others to suit viewers’ varying tastes. Its founders established the website to satisfy Australian film fanatics’ cravings for free, legal, and high-quality entertainment.

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