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False Rom Com Misconceptions: Watch via Free Online Movie

Billions of dollars in revenue and profit make up the romantic comedy movie industry. Since the rise to popularity of movies in the early 20th century, moviegoers have continued to spend countless hours watching romantic comedy films, and yet some people still find it ridiculous when one claims to favor this genre of film.

Today, romantic comedies get a lot of flak because it is viewed by many people to be setting an impossibly high standard for dating and relationships. However, recent studies show that this is not true. Simply put, it’s time to stop blaming your love life problems on romantic comedies and face the facts.

Its Not What Romantic Comedies You Watch

Research conducted by the National Communication Association is published in an article for Communication Currents. According to this, folks should not pin the blame on romantic comedies for the “impossibly high” standards in relationships portrayed. In fact, these movies can instead lead the viewer to “think of their own relational partners as wonderful and perfect.” If anything, the impact of these movies can be used positively to improve one’s personal relationships.

The dissonance probably takes root from the belief that the movies can provide all the learning experience needed. When it comes to human interactions, however, no make-believe portrayal can ever substitute for the real thing. That’s why in watching these romantic comedies, it is important to keep separate the real from reel.

So next time you watch movies online for free, you can feel a little less guilty about being partial to romantic comedies. After all, they were made purely for entertainment value. Feel free to swoon and blush when the male protagonist finally gets the courage to confess his love in a heartfelt speech to his love interest.

Just as romantic comedies are guaranteed to make you chuckle, other types of comedy also aim to elicit laughter from the audience. Free online movie streaming is the way to go for convenient access to different types of comedies like slapstick and anarchic comedy, satirical and black comedy, and mixtures of other genres. Aside from comedies you may take your pick from other genres like action, drama, horror, sci-fi and many others, too.

(Source: It’s Not What Romantic Comedies You Watch, But Why You Watch That Really Matters, Communication Currents)

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