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Watch Online Movies for Free and Discover the Best in Raunchy Comedy

Prior to the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2, lead actress Jennifer Aniston sat down with Glamour to briefly discuss the risqué yet ever popular relationship between sex and comedy. Aniston’s role as Dr. Julia Harris had her wondering about the limitations of portraying such a character. Apparently, she’s fine with it “as long as it’s funny and doesn’t make us want to vomit.”

While Horrible Bosses 2 can’t be considered sex comedy per se—given that its plot also revolves around crime rather than raunch—it still delivers the laughs. Interestingly, the genre isn’t entirely a recent invention as it’s been around since olden times. Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (411 B.C.) is one fine example. The ancient Greek play, which is replete with bawdy situations, tells the story of a band of women from various city-states who resisted the Peloponnesian War efforts by enforcing celibacy upon the entire nation.

Jennifer Aniston on sex talk

What exactly makes sex such a popular and entertaining subject? Theories abound, but no clear answer can be given. Sammy J and Randy believe it’s inherently funny as people can relate to boo-boos in bed. The subject may still be taboo in many circles, but comedy manages to lighten it up by using suggestive language and humour.

The audience, almost without fail, gets the joke without the need for actors to blurt things out explicitly. Ultimately, it’s up to comedians themselves to find ways to make things witty and humorous so that the audience find a certain fulfilment afterwards—certainly not an easy feat.

Sex comedies may not achieve the level of critical acclaim as more “serious” films, but they still draw crowds anyway. As it stands, you’ll never run out of related movies to watch like Milf and Sex Pot at online movie sites like the Viewlorium. What makes them even better is that you can watch these online movies for free.

While attitudes about sex may change, it will in all likelihood persist as a popular theme in comedy and contemporary pop culture. Want to watch movies online for free to have a good laugh? Check out what a site like The Viewlorium has in store.

(Source: “WATCH: Jennifer Aniston on sex talk, comedy boundaries & Cake,” Glamour, November 24, 2014)

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