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Aspiring Comics May Watch Movies Online Free for Varying Humor Styles

Being a humorist can be one of the most exciting careers. It’s a job where you can literally enjoy laughing and get paid at the same time. Ever aspired being a professional humorist? If you do, then go. Just be reminded that comedy is a craft to be honed. It isn’t simply cracking a random witty line that crosses your head which you may find funny. Your natural type of humor may make you stand out at your friend’s house party, but make no mistake, it’s a whole different ballgame once you go pro.

Every genre has various sub-genres. For comedy, it is important to know what these are to know which format suits their humor best:

Happy Family Watching A Movie On Television Together On The Sofa

Black Comedy. Also referred to as dark humor, this focuses on gross, tragic, depressing and violent subject matters like misfortune or death. The idea behind it is that, when situations become terrible, the only way to preserve your sanity is to laugh.

Slapstick. The term comes from a stick used by comedians before to hit another—it is hardly felt but it sounds loud enough to heighten the effect. It may include mock violence, exaggerated physical gestures and movements, accidents such as falling, slipping, being hit on the head and other forms of bodily harm. The great Charlie Chaplin’s act is a prime example of this.

Self-Deprecating. The comedian is the subject of the joke. He talks about his weaknesses, his stupidity, the way he messes up things. Basically, these are human faults and problems that audience can relate to.

Deadpan Humor. The comedian delivers sarcasm in a monotonous, matter-of-fact way with the least expression possible. The humor comes with the joke and the contradicting way he delivers it.

Apart from taking formal comedy writing classes to sharpen your skills, aspiring funnymen can also drop by comedy bars and observe the stand-ups, or regularly watch movies online free for inspiration. Take note of the jokes cracked, or what about the characters that keeps you wanting for more. Also, think of the social issues addressed and how comedy writers relate humors to them with suave. There are old comedy movies that are just so good they are preserved for future generation’s viewing.

There will be many free movies online streaming that you can watch in websites like ViewLorium.com. Movies such as “Teenape Goes To Camp”, “Flash!”, “Getting Wasted”, “Broke”, “Baby Fever”, “Through A Fisheye” and “Swimsuit: The Movie” are due for release this January’s second week. Get as much comedy lessons as you can from these movies.

(Source: Types of Humor, Udemy.com)

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