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Watch Movies Online Free: Health Benefits of Laughter from Comedy

Common knowledge reports that laughter is the best medicine, but how does laughter become a healing agent? Numerous medical studies validate that laughter aids in healing because in laughter, the body releases endorphins while also enhancing the body’s immune system. Laughing also aids in blood flow that can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The sources of laughter are infinite; they can come from anywhere, anytime, and often in unexpected places. Friends, family, and good stories from people, theatre, and films are accessible enough. There’s no reason to stay glum for long. As Paul E. McGhee, Ph. D. states: “Your sense of humour is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.” Many people are actually getting themselves attuned to instant mood lifters like comedy flicks, and opting to watch movies online for free, especially with online streaming sites like Viewlorium.

Laughing young girls watching TV together sitting on couch

In line with the upcoming Comedy Week Festival on the second week of January, movie junkies and fans who just want to have a good laugh should check out Viewlorium. The site has been offering free online English movies of different genres. Comedy films such as “Teenage Goes to Camp” (2008) is a mix of two genres, comedy and horror. It highlights the comeback of the teen-ape as he joins his friend, Heather, at a summer camp.

When waiting in line is not your thing, or when you need an instant mood enhancer, you can simply watch movies at home—legally and for free—. With just a reliable internet connection, you can view comedy films and cult classics, as well as other films of different genres—sci-fi, animation, drama, and documentaries—at online streaming sites.

Not only is laughter—via comedy flicks, why not?—beneficial to health, but it can also strengthen relationships. Moreover, it’s a form of free and invaluable multi-level exercise.

Laughing makes good cardio workout. A lot of giggling gets the heart pumping that can burn calories, comparable to other forms of exercises. Additionally, shared laughter in interactions encourages bonding and intimacy between partners, and among friends and family members.

(Source: Laughter is the Best Medicine, HelpGuide.org)

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