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Heat Up the New Year: Watch Free Movies Online

It’s far from summer, definitely, but things are sure to heat up with these sexy comedy films that’s sure to get you laughing and in high spirits. Missing those days of bright sunshine, windy beaches, and babes in bikinis? These two movies will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat while leaving you in stitches with non-stop laughter.

First off is “Teenape Goes to Camp.” This 2008 film starting Casey Bowker and Meredit Host follows the adventures of Teenape as he heads for the summer camp of Arawak. There, he attempts to help his friend Heather, the camp counselor, try to gain control of rowdy, young miscreants. Poor as so-called official reviews for this literal “camp movie” may be, it certainly has earned for itself an impressive cult following, with many praising it as a non-stop laughter machine, from start to finish.

Coming up next is “Swimsuit: The Movie”, released in 1997 and starring Rebecca Bush and Arthur Roberts. This mockumentary, written and directed by Vic Davis, revolves around how a fictional chemical company hired a group of swimsuit models for a product catalogue. Behind all those skimpy clothing is actually a deeper message, and is actually a satire to men’s obsession on scantily-clothed calendar girls.

If you need reasons to watch free movies online, then these movies could be the perfect ones for you. With streaming sites giving you unfettered access to their catalog, you don’t need to wait for summer to enjoy your favorite summer flicks.


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