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Comedy Films and Creativity: Reasons To Watch Movies Online For Free

Everyone needs a laugh or two at least once a day, and some really good comedy films are guaranteed to get you chuckling and rolling on the floor, laughing. Other than giving you and your friends some me-time together, watching comedy films, alone or with family and friends, can actually give your brain a workout and improve your creativity.

The effects of laughter, brought to light by numerous researches in the past, include the enhancement in learning caused by the stimulation of both sides of the brain, and the release of tension, which can lead to perceptual flexibility. Recent studies, meanwhile, have connected laughter with more creative ideas. One particular study from Northwestern University discovered that those who watched a comedy film were reportedly better at accomplishing a word association puzzle—the most standard way of testing one’s creative problem solving.

The Power of Humor in Ideation and Creativity

Up for some mood-lightening movie night with your friends from school or the office? Films like “Pluto”, a story about a person always taking the form of someone else, is perfect to get you into a light mood, or in more creative state of mind. Romantic comedies, meanwhile, can actually help improve some aspects of a marriage, contrary to popular belief that these type of movies tend to cause unrealistic expectations on a relationship.

If you’re looking for free movies to watch online, especially during date nights, rom-coms are the way to go to try out some insights for the sake of your relationship. It doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll stay up for “Love Actually” for every date, when you have movies like “Making Something Up” (winner of Best Feature in the Hope and Dreams Film Festival), a film about a famous children’s author who found himself falling in love with a simple heartbroken woman. These films are perfect for a movie date—the best part is that you can watch such films (and more) free online and legally, from online streaming websites like Viewlorium.

Humour flexes the brain, compelling it to make unexpected and pleasing connections. Humour via movies is best utilized in difficult times when you need humour the most. You can instantly attune to a comedy channel with free movies online without having to go out and wait in movie lines. Wondering how to lift your mood, or someone else’s? Not to worry, because you could watch movies online for free, an array of comedy movies and all-time cult flicks at sites like Viewlorium.

(Source: The Power of Humor in Ideation and Creativity, Psychology Today)

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