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Kids Can Watch Movies Online Free for Cute Animal Week on Viewlorium

New South Wales (December 3, 2014) — This Christmas season, Viewlorium lets your kids watch movies online free and have a spectacular holiday vacation right in the comforts of your own home.

The online streaming website now offers their kiddie treats for Cute Animals Week. Have them call their buddies over and watch Precious Puppies, Fabulous Foals and Cutest Kittens, then complement their viewing experience with their favorite treats for a more enjoyable time.

More than entertaining them, animal movies also can help children improve their ability to empathise with their furry friends. Various studies have proven that kids’ attitude towards animals predict future behavior. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association includes cruelty to animals as a criterion for conduct disorder in children and it is also a symptom to predict psychopathic disorder.

Training your children to empathise with animals is therefore crucial to develop a more affable disposition as they grow. Children trained to treat animals in a gentle and caring way are more likely to become just, considerate and sensitive to others.

Take this time of the month to empower the value of empathy in your children. It’s the season of loving and generosity as well, so the mood is a perfect fit. With kid- and family-friendly movies that you can find on Viewlorium.com, the Christmas holiday just got more perfect for bonding and cuddling together indoors.

Cute animal videos are just a part of Viewlorium.com’s wide array of movies. You can also find sci-fi, drama, comedy, horror, war and even documentaries to suit each family member’s varying interests.

For more movies, check out www.viewlorium.com.

About The Viewlorium

The Viewlorium, an online streaming website and part of the Flashback Holding Group of Companies, has a vast array of films available for viewing online. Its founders are passionate about movies, and they would like to share the best viewing choices with online film buffs around the globe. With just a good Internet connection, visitors can watch free movies online in the comfort of their own homes at any time and any day, making film watching a more relaxing and incredible way to spend your leisure time.

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