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ViewLorium.com Now Carries Troma Cult Movies Online for Free Watching

New South Wales (November 28, 2014) – Streaming website ViewLorium.com, which offers cult movies online, is pleased to announced that it has recently acquired the digital rights for Troma Entertainment originals, all of which are now available for free viewing.

Founded in 1974, Troma Entertainment is an acknowledged champion of independent low-budget cinema, and is best known for its brand of highly eccentric B-films that uses elements of shocking imagery through nudity, gore, and blatantly sadistic graphic violence

Among its best creations that gained cult film status is The Toxic Avenger, which chronicles the adventures of a bullying-victim-turned-superhero who gets doused with skin-scarring chemicals that imparts superhuman strength.

Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma Entertainment, sees to it that the studio’s films touch on social issues even as these movies revel in their over-the-top cinematography and storylines. For instance, their Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead tackles fast food and media conglomerates, while Class of Nuke ‘Em High warns about the dangers of radioactive waste.

Most of Troma’s films can now be viewed online. “Nobody is making money by people sharing art. But I want people to take my art and watch it! They can take it for free, I don’t mind,” Kaufman emphasised in an interview.

Other notable Troma films are Tromeo and Juliet, Mr. Bricks: Heavy Metal Murder, Sgt. Kabukiman, and Surf Nazis Must Die. All these can be viewed for free along with other cult horror films at ViewLorium.com.

To watch free movies online, check out www.ViewLorium.com.

About The Viewlorium

The Viewlorium, an online streaming website and part of the Flashback Holding Group of Companies, has a vast collection of films from various genres. Its founders are passionate about movies, and they would like to share the best viewing choices with online film enthusiasts in Australia and around the globe. They believe in convenient access to free, legal entertainment at home using any device so that viewers can enjoy a relaxing film-watching experience.

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