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Get Your Daily Dose of Cult Movies: Where to Watch Free Movies Online

When people decide to watch a flick, usually they are looking for a specific genre. Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, the list can go on, but at the end of the day, they choose their desired movie because they want to be entertained. That said, not all movies are good the first time you watch it. Some movies, just like fine wine, need time to be appreciated and to be considered as something good; others are just so bad, they become good to watch to have a laugh or two. Such is the concept behind popular cult films.

Cult films-just bad movies in a good disguise

What is a Cult Film?

In an article posted by Joe Queenan in The Guardian, he essentially defined a cult film as a film that was critically panned by movie critics and largely went unnoticed by the general public during its duration in the movie houses or Cineplex, but garnered a substantial fan base as small pockets of people got to watch and enjoy such flicks. Usually films get such notoriety due to a few factors, from intentionally or unintentionally bad acting, cheesy or over-the-top narratives and concepts, to poor creative direction, or being released at the wrong time.

They’re So Bad, They’re Good

Some people find novelty in cult films; it could be that the factors mentioned made the movie so bad that it inadvertently becomes a parody of itself. Such transformation often leads viewers of such films to watch the movies for the sake of being amused, sort of a low-ball kind of entertainment. You can only watch too many movies that are riddled with deep social commentary and themes; sometimes, you just want to watch a not-so-serious movie for the sake of watching, and cult films deliver that kind of entertainment.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now satisfy that urge to watch free movies online in the comfort of your home. With sites like Viewlorium.com, you can choose from a wide variety of cult films in its video library – titles like 2 Headed Shark Attack, Alien Abduction, Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, Ben Cropp’s Snake Island, Battle of Los Angeles, and so much more!

If you feel like taking a load off and fancy watching something different yet entertaining, you can mosey on over to Viewlorium for a free streaming of highly enjoyable cult films.

(Source: “Cult films: just bad movies in a good disguise?”, The Guardian, June 19, 2014)

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