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Watch Free Movies Online that Inspire

Movies can provide more than entertainment and information. They can serve as a pick-me-up on a bad day—watching a flick, after all, is healthier and more affordable than devouring popular Aussie desserts like Lamington’s. If you’ve been feeling blue recently, you can watch free movies online that uplift your spirits:

Angel Dog

Any talkie that involves a furry animal of any kind is bound to tug on the heartstrings, and this one is no exception. A warning, though: it starts off with a rather tragic premise. Still, it’s the perfect scenario to set up this story of hope, featuring a stray dog who teaches a man that life can still be beautiful even after you’ve lost everything.

Seven Days in Utopia

What if you’ve worked hard to achieve a goal, but all your effort comes to naught? This is the focus of the film. A young golfer is determined to make it big in the professional league, but he fails and ends up in an idyllic town where he realizes there is more to life than golf.

The Life Coach

You’d think that a life coach would actually be someone who can inspire and motivate you to be better. The main character in this movie, however, has his own way of pushing people toward their goal. You’d probably hate him at first, but you’ll learn to love him as he proves that even a life coach needs someone to turn to for help.


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