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Watch Free Movies Online about Old Warbirds

Many people have a soft spot for aeroplanes that saw action in World War II. They give things a whole new perspective when you consider that that was a time when human skill, not computers, made the difference in mastery of the skies. Australia is at the forefront of it all with the world’s biggest collection of old WW2 aircraft. You can learn more about them when you watch free movies online about documentaries by Jeff Watson.

Spitfire Over Australia

One of Watson’s earlier works, the documentary is the story of NSW cropduster pilot Colin Pay’s quest to fully restore a Spitfire fighter that was once in RAAF service. He spent seven years working on the plane, which was used as a technical college’s study airframe. Pay’s Spitfire is believed to be the only airworthy unit in Australia.

Curtiss Kittyhawk

The documentary features the restoration of another one of Pay’s aeroplanes, the Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk fighter. Like the Spitfire in Spitfire Over Australia, Pay’s Kittyhawk is the only working plane in all of Australia – and one of four left in the world. Watson says the fighter is unique in the sense that it spent 12 years buried underground somewhere in Alberta, Canada.

Classic Aeroplanes in Australia

This Watson production takes a look at other storied aircraft, either as flying examples or static units. One such project is an A-20 Boston tactical bomber that the RAAF restored with parts from six other aircraft.


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