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For Your Indie Film, Get Inspiration from a Free English Movie Online

Independent box office in North America represented 41.7% of the $10.8 billion total sales on 2012, while a total of 4,057 international and US feature-length entries competed for Sundance. These figures show how big the indie film industry is right now.

Troma Entertainment, which has created hit budget films, helped shape the career of countless young filmmakers in its 40 years of business. If you want to start your own indie film as well, learn from the lessons imparted by a TasteOfCinema.com post based on one of Troma’s best creations, The Toxic Avenger:

• Let current events inspire you. “The Toxic Avenger” gave the filmmakers a chance to speak out against the dumping of toxic waste, the senseless violence in the world and the effects that bullying can have on a person.

• Don’t be afraid to take risks move away from the status quo of Hollywood and do your own thing. If you have a burning desire to make a film and it’s unlike anything else being made, grab a camera and shoot it.

• Use any and all available resources. Low budgets force you to be more creative. Sometimes, with too much money, time and equipment, you can over-think.

• Put money into your makeup. If an effect looks poor, fans will lose interest. It’s harsh, but true, so if you’re going to commit to making a violent, gory film you best do it well.

10 Filmmaking Lessons Tromas The Toxic Avenger  Can Teach You

A degree from film school isn’t actually necessary. Independent filmmaker Adam Wingard said that “the only way you can learn to be a filmmaker is through trial and error. There’s a hugely different practical application to actually making a movie that you can’t prepare for in film school.” It’s fortunate, then, that the Web will never run short on tutorials.

One of the starting points is imitation. But shouldn’t I aim to be unique? Don’t get this wrong. Learning starts by mimicking what already exists because that’s how art takes form. Creativity comes next with the add-ons, deviations, and unique twists that can only come from your particular personality, history, and worldview.

Get inspiration from cult films because although they aren’t box office hits, they have magnetic qualities that keep their fans fascinated. Simply search for a free English movie online to get started. For instance, The Toxic Avenger is only one among the numerous classic and cult movie collections of free streaming site ViewLorium.com.

For distribution, you may sell your film or offer it to online streaming platforms where people can watch movies online free or for a fee. You need good exposure and a big network as a starter, as that is how history is made.

(Source: 10 Filmmaking Lessons Troma’s “The Toxic Avenger” Can Teach You, TasteOfCinema.com, August 9, 2014)

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