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Watch Movies Online Free: Bail and Bounty Hunters

Bail bonding is generally illegal in Australia, if not being practiced in secrecy. It involves a bail bondsman posting bail for the accused for a fee, at least according to reports. While posting bail is all fair under English law, bar associations frown upon bail bonding for a number of reasons such as the fee being non-refundable, even if not convicted of a crime.

Bounty hunters are often tied with bail bondsmen. Duane Chapman, known by his alias “Dog” and host of Dog the Bounty Hunter, is a popular real-life example. They’re not law enforcement agents, but they track down and apprehend wanted individuals in exchange for a hefty reward. Bounty hunters harken back to the era of the Wild West.

Both jobs persist in today’s time, sometimes serving as basis for action flicks such as Bail Out (1989), wherein three bounty hunters are tasked by their boss, a bail bondsman, to provide protection for a wealthy woman whose boyfriend was murdered by a Mexican drug cartel. To prove the cartel’s guilt, she has to stay alive long enough to testify in court. In this film, David Hasselholf, best known for his roles in Knight Rider and Baywatch, plays one of the bounty hunters. This 1989 film is, in fact, a good place to start in case you want to find out more about this subject. Fortunately, too, you can easily watch movies online free about bounty hunting and hunters today.


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