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Learn About Important Issues by Streaming Movies

Hollywood celebrities are certainly not shy in showing their stance on important issues that take center stage on a daily basis. For instance, Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson are known for their involvement in various U.N. programs, while Leonardo DiCaprio is a popular advocate for education on climate change. Hollywood production houses and cinematographers may not be as vocal as the stars when it comes to taking a stand on important matters; however, they give the public various views of these issues through the movies and projects they work on.

The movies 2012, Titanic II, Into the Storm, and Wall-E all discuss the dire consequences that the world may face if humanity does not act responsibly regarding the problem of climate change. Popular films like 12 Years a Slave, Philadelphia, and Yentel, on the other hand, present a detailed picture of inequality to the public. While movies are derived from the creative minds of writers, the storylines used are almost always based on real life events.

To learn some of the most significant issues the world is facing right now, the simplest thing that people can do is log on to the Internet, search for a good movie tackling the issue they want to know about, and then watch it. Often, it’s actually better to watch a movie about these concerns first before delving into the hard facts as films depict the human sides of the stories, thus bringing the issue closer to viewer’s hearts.


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