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Stuck in Traffic with Your Kids? Don’t Panic!

Imagine sitting in your car, inching through traffic, with nothing to do for hours but worry about the appointments you’re missing. Now imagine that, but with several kids in the back, all squirming and fidgeting, asking “Are we there yet?” nonstop. Here are three things you can do to keep from going crazy:

Have a Car Picnic

Before going on a trip with children, pack snacks and drinks to keep them full throughout the ride. Then, why not spread a blanket in the backseat, put the food into a small basket, and let them pretend they’re having a picnic? It’ll encourage them to use their imaginations to have a great time.

Point and Shoot

For those with older kids who can already handle cameras properly, this is a great way to keep them occupied for a while. Just give them some make-up, tell them to point and shoot, and pretty soon, you’ll have zombies, movie stars, and animals having fun in your car. Bonus points for having photos you can have as mementos later.

Stream Movies

Depending on your show of choice, this one can buy you hours of peace and quiet. There are free streaming movies online that only require a decent Internet connection, and you’re all set to watch exciting films on whatever gadget you have with you.

Which one are you going to do for your next long car trip? With these activities and a little creativity, traffic doesn’t have to be a headache anymore.


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