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Here’s Why You Love Scary Movies

You’d think people will run away when something scares them, but the huge success of horror movies and haunted houses show otherwise. What is it about being scared that delights people? Here are some answers:

Dopamine Rush

Scary experiences trigger the fight or flight response, which in turn releases chemicals into the brain that bring on a natural high. One of this is dopamine which induces a pleasurable and rewarding feeling that people enjoy.

Confidence Booster

Coming out of a terrifying film or finishing a horror house makes people feel good about themselves for having survived the experience. It gives them a sense of pride for having braved something that a lot of people can’t bring themselves to go through, making them want to come back again and again.

Excitement Intensifier

During thrilling experiences such as watching horror movies, people experience a spike in their respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate. This excited state intensifies positive activities such as bonding with friends afterwards, making people associate the great time they’re having to the fright they had.

However, the main component in being able to enjoy exposure to scary things is the feeling of safety; without it, people will have negative responses to terrifying elements they see or watch. So for your next fun night with your buddies, streaming frightening movies such as Paranormal Entity might be the perfect thing to do.  After all, what’s safer than being scared in your own living room?


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