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Diving into the Nazi Era through Films

There are many points in history that can touch the lives of a majority, and what better way to let people experience that than through war or drama films? By bringing versions of historic events to life, these films allow you to dive into the colourful past of a country or a sect and appreciate how individuals or groups act or work together for a cause.

One noteworthy time that has been revisited in several films is the Nazi era, particularly the distinct events that happened in Germany during Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party’s reign from 1933 to 1945. The war, the ostracism, and the discrimination become intriguing focal points for plots. In the fictional accounts that screenplay writers come up with, you get to appreciate how things were during that dreadful time and how certain characters adjusted or reacted violently to their dispositions.

Films like Escape from Sobibor, for instance, allow you to see how concentration camps were run and how the prisoners adapted (or in the film’s case, planned and succeeded in escaping.) What those who have escaped the wrath of the Nazis do, such as plotting revenge or giving the antagonists a dose of insult, can be seen in motion pictures like Arch of Triumph and The Last Plane Out Of Berlin. There are even movies like The Tormentors which depict the lingering effects of the Third Reich in a contemporary setting.


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