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Alexandre Dumas Gets a Modern Remake

The Alexandre Dumas novel The Three Musketeers has seen numerous film adaptations ever since an obscure 1903 French production first put it to celluloid in 1903. Beloved as a story of unbreakable friendship and swashbuckling adventures, it has been shot in several different languages, formats, and storytelling styles.

While most retellings of the French classic have remained true to the 17th century setting of the original story, a few have ventured to reformat the narrative for more modern audiences.

Most recently, a direct-to-video adaptation was produced by The Asylum that sets the narrative in near-future USA. Loosely based on Dumas’s original account, the story’s main protagonist, Alexandra D’Artagnan–now an NSA junior officer–uncovers a plot hatched by a corrupt general to assassinate the President of the United States. She then enlists the help of a three-person spy group called “The Musketeers” to stop the assassination and subvert the general’s coup attempt aimed at taking over the government and installing a militarist regime.

Blending martial arts action with computer-generated special effects, the film explores Dumas’s tale from a perspective never before attempted. Additionally, two of the traditionally male lead roles are cast as formidable females to steer the movie away from the original novel’s predominantly male list of characters.

Film enthusiasts willing to give this modern retelling a gander will be happy to know that the movie is available to watch for free online.


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