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Free Streaming Movies Online Provide Heart-pounding and Intense Action

There’s always a hero/heroine involved who beats the odds and wins the prize by eliminating the villainous boss. Along the way there are vehicle chases, explosions, and a whole lot more. People flock to the cinemas in droves or view it via free streaming movies online. In his website, Action Movie Freak describes the elements that make for a good action movie.

A grand entrance by the hero
The movie opens with a huge action sequence. When the smoke clears and the noise dies down, the hero/heroine comes forth, unscathed and collected. The heroes light up a cigar as part of their victory ritual, while the heroines make sure their hair is still in place. Now that the main character’s presence is established, the story can commence.

Gadgets and weapons
Throughout cinema history, nothing screams action hero like James Bond. Everything from his wristwatch to his sportster is rigged to inflict pain on the bad guys. Boy toys always score high with action and sci-fi junkies alike. In the James Cameron-directed “Aliens”, gadget geeks were in tech heaven with Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) kicking an Alien Queen’s behind with a power loader suit.


Explosions and vehicle chases
Mayhem is a definite plus factor in vehicle chases. In the action-packed Bail Out, which was first screened in 1989 and can now be viewed for free on sites like Viewlorium.com, Roger Donaldson (David Hasselhoff) is able to fly through the streets in a worn-down grey utility van. Perhaps it was a budget constraint, but it still kept audiences glued to their seats. The Transformers series made a living out of explosive vehicle chases where the heroes are the vehicles.

A gnarly ending for the boss
The formula for ending cruel boss’ death is as follows: the more heinous the acts against the hero or innocent victims, the gorier the boss’ death will be at the end of the film. In “the Expendables 2”, Vilain (Jean-Claude Van Damme) gets a twisting knife in the gut from Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), the same knife he (Vilain) used to mercilessly murder Ross’ sidekick, Billy.

The rush
Fans of action movies look for the rush when good triumphs over evil in grand fashion. They imagine themselves in a challenging situation using all their skills and weaponry to defeat the dragon. When the imaginary beast is slain, they gain more confidence and courage to face the next one.

(Source: What are the GOOD Action Movie Essentials?, Action Movie Freak)

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