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Uncovering a Classic Cheese Gem

There are movies out there that are so bad, you only watch them once and promptly deny ever seeing them. Others, however, have an actor who performed surprisingly well yet it would take another monster hit for them to get noticed. Incidentally, this may direct fans to find every last project he or she ever made and binge watch them for two hours of fun. One such example is David Hasselhoff and one of the last projects he made before Baywatch: the 1989 action film Bail Out.

Alternately titled as WB, Blue and the Bean, Bail Out is the story of the Hoff’s character White Bread “WB” Donaldson, a tennis instructor who moonlights as a bounty hunter. He is tasked to escort a rich businessman’s daughter to court and collect a bail bond in the process. However, when a Colombian syndicate kidnaps the woman after a drug deal gone sour, it’s up to WB and the two other titular characters – a Hispanic and an African-American – to save her and make the court date.

To many film buffs, Bail Out has stood the test of time as a sample of late 80s cinema that is “so bad it’s actually good.” Perfect for two hours with friends who don’t always take movies seriously.


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