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The Appeal of Cult Movies: Facing Your Fears and Worst Nightmares

They may not be major hits at the box office, but modern cult movies have a fanatical following due to an element of its production, plot, or theme. Paranormal Activity is one such film. The film’s release in 2007 had audiences shrieking in cinemas as the “shaky-cam” style of cinematography gained even more popularity. Paranormal Entity is following closely in the footsteps of this cult film. IMDB shares details about the film on its website, including a spoiler alert.

Supernatural crime caught on camera
The story of Paranormal Entity is told via a series of allegedly untouched surveillance videos documenting the torment and eventual death of a woman named Samantha Finley.

Samantha Finley (Erin Marie Hogan), her older brother Thomas (Shane Van Dyke), and their mother Ellen (Fia Perera), are a family that believe they have made contact with their deceased father and husband David. Ellen tries to contact David by writing to him and is overjoyed upon receiving a written response. Soon the family claims that a ghostly entity is haunting them. At first, they think it is David, but after a series of horrible attacks upon Samantha, they begin to suspect otherwise.

After numerous paranormal encounters and frightening moments, Thomas discovers his sister in a deep trance as the film comes to its climax.

Why do we love horror films?
Younger audiences love the thrill that horror movies give them because they know they will live through it (and it isn’t real). The stories trigger the problem-solving and survival instinct responses in our brains, making us empathize with the victims or protagonists, and purge negative emotions. On the other hand, older audiences hardly feel the need for heart-racing experiences as they feel that real life is frightening enough as it is.

Facing your fear
When there is no escaping an omnipresent evil spirit or slimy predator, victims have no choice but to turn around and face their terrifying pursuer. Horror films teach us how to face the unknown. Whether in the cinema or watching a streaming movie via Viewlorium, audiences can enjoy the rush from popular cult classic movies, while learning that in real life, the only way to deal with fear is to put it in context and face it squarely.

(Source: Synopsis for Paranormal Entity, iMDB)

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