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A Dab of Alien Abduction, Anyone?

The subject of extra-terrestrials has always been fascinating to mankind, not to mention well-debated. Do they occupy planets in outer space or do they live among us? Are they friends who wish to help humans progress, or are they foes that want to take over the Earth? Above all, are they real?

Self-Proclaimed Abductees: Survivors or Simply Disturbed?

Throughout the years, people the world over have claimed to be victims of alien abductions. They spontaneously recall their extra-terrestrial experiences, particularly under the spell of hypnosis or during psychotherapy sessions. Some even draw the bizarre creatures they encountered and provide (dubious) proof, such as videos.

However, experts in psychology believe that a lot (if not all) of these people simply got disturbed or immensely affected by the stories they read or the documentations they viewed. Some professionals even say that sleep paralysis may simulate an alien abduction reverie.

These issues are where various cult movies online– like The Asylum’s Alien Abduction– revolve around. The sought-after film depicts the conspiracy that aliens capture humans to experiment on them, even to the point of torturing or cloning. Some theories even say that these mighty foreign beings have infiltrated the most powerful governments to gain access to several resources and slowly overthrow humans as rulers of this world.

Real or fictional, alien abduction stories are highly interesting and entertaining, so plunge all you want into free movies online for a taste of them.


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