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Best Reasons to Stream Movies Online for Free: Post-apocalyptic Films

Fictional accounts of the end of the world—whether in books or on film—continue to fascinate humanity. Whilst a particularly compelling apocalyptic film can stir up wild visions about such an even happening in your lifetime, you’d want to comfort yourself that it’s all speculation – even as you bake the popcorn for your next feature. Christopher Zumski Finke states in his article for Yes! magazine:

Mass annihilation is depressing, sure. But stories about it force us to imagine large-scale rebirth—and what kind of people we want to become.

I cannot get enough of the end of the world. Stories about the collapse of civilization and order—apocalyptic stories—endlessly seduce me. And I am not alone.

Last year’s most popular film was the dystopian The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The most watched show in cable history is another post-apocalyptic favorite, The Walking Dead. It seems that we love to see our world destroyed.

Moviegoers around the world have seen their fair share of dystopian films. Some titles have since been forgotten, a few have lived on to tell gruesome tales of death and destruction, while others carry stories of what could have happened if real-life events took a turn for the worse. Can’t get enough of post-apocalyptic films that have you gripping the edge of your seat?

Websites that host and stream movies online—such as The Viewlorium, for instance—are the best places to start.


Cardinal Rules?

Finke maintains that movies of this sort follow certain conventions. A common theme, for instance, is the looming demise of humanity due to various factors.

Take the 2007 zombie film Zombie Wars, which has a different take on a familiar genre: highly intelligent zombies corralling uninfected humans for future consumption. The Terminator film franchise, on the other hand, is anchored on the premise of a military supercomputer that develops a cybernetic arsenal to destroy humanity. The 1970 classic doomsday film No Blade of Grass by Cornel Wilde, meanwhile, is about a plague that wipes out agricultural plants and the famine/anarchy that ensues.

Hope Eternal

The second element, Finke contends, is the hope that humanity will endure and recover despite everything that happened. The ending of the 2009 movie The Terminators, for instance, shows two women, one of whom is pregnant, after a force of cyborgs has been shut down.

Whether you’re after the drama, the spectacle, or both, this genre sure yields an abundant cinematic treasure trove. When it comes to no-cost and legal entertainment, you might want to check out sites like The Viewlorium that allow you to watch movies for free online at your convenience.

(Source: Why Do We Love Apocalyptic Movies? The Two Basic Rules That Make Them So Addictive, Yes! magazine)

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