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Go ‘All Throttle, No Bottle’ with Free Online Movie Streaming Services

The various racing competitions held throughout Australia thrill spectators with doses of high-octane action. Aussie turned Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth proved this point when he immortalised Formula 1 driver James Hunt in the 2013 sleeper hit Rush opposite Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda. An article on Stuff TV puts it succinctly:

Petrolhead? Wheel warrior? Tarmac-worshipper? …

A very special sub-genre of the sports movie, the racing film attempts to translate the thrill of pushing souped-up thrill machines around a track – or in some cases, down civilian streets – into celluloid-based entertainment.

The excitement of watching car racing movies over the years does give the viewer much reason to hang on when certain scenes show the characters push their vehicles to the limit. However, what if you don’t have the time to go out and rent a DVD/Bluray disc of your favourite auto films? You can downshift a little by going to free online movie streaming websites like ViewLorium.com.


Modern Tyres

Auto film nuts looking to watch free streaming movies online at sites like the Viewlorium may consider some flicks with rather interesting chase scenes. The 1989 action movie Bail Out even had the lead characters using a utility van to crash into a building while another scene had them on the run with villains in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, the 2011 movie 200MPH – a slight mockbuster of Fast Five – features popular Japanese tuner cars blasting down Los Angeles in certain scenes. The plot revolves around a teenager bent on avenging his brother who was killed in a night-time street race. He takes on the main antagonist in a new Mazda RX-7; however, an on-set theft of the car led the production team to replace it with a Nissan 240SX.

Classical Rubber

Some racing film fanatics also prefer stories of human achievement taking place at breakneck speeds amidst the smell of burnt rubber and petrol fumes. A classic example is John Frankenheimer’s 1966 masterpiece Grand Prix, where the production team used working replicas of actual F1 cars of the time and shot footage at four official tracks, including Monaco. A Ford GT40 was used as camera platform and some special camera rigs were set up on the race cars themselves.

Get an adrenaline high every time you stream racing movies online for free. Let sites like The Viewlorium turn on that ignition key.

(Source: 25 best racing movies ever, Stuff TV)

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