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Now You Can Watch English Movies Online and Find Rare Superhero Flicks

Superhero movie franchises are on a roll these days. Thanks to Marvel Comics’ efforts, for example, more comic-book properties have made it to the big screen. DC Comics already launched a counterstrike involving its own film universe via 2013’s Man of Steel.


For every big-budget superhero or sci-fi flick, however, several other films are exiled to obscurity due in large part to super-bad reviews. These films may not have full studio backing and stunning visuals, but they can prove quite entertaining. Take the 2007 sci-fi film Transmorphers, for example. In an article for Filmonic, film editor and screenwriter Matthew Geoffino gives the following commentary on these low-budget flicks:

Even after X-Men made it okay to make movies based on superheroes and not be a purely money-losing gamble, some films that followed suit either did not follow the formula to guaranteed riches or were sadly misguided…which goes to show that some people simply never learn.

He then recommends several titles that may not have been critical successes yet manage to have become home video favourites for sheer entertainment value. If you can’t find a particular title at your video store or library, that’s where video-streaming sites like The Viewlorium come into play. Can’t wait to watch old English movies online about your favourite superheroes? Some flicks stand out from the pack:

The Hoffury

Nick Fury, the director of the black ops organisation SHIELD, is mostly recognised nowadays as the character played by Samuel L. Jackson. The only other live-action appearance of Fury was in the 1998 TV flick Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, with David Hasselhoff – of Bail Out fame – in the title role. However, the TV movie’s production values will only serve to help you appreciate the ongoing Agents of SHIELD TV series.

Thor Lite

Every comic book fan should know Thor. People nowadays mostly associate the Norse God of Thunder with Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal in the 2011 smash hit Thor. Yet this movie also has its own mockbuster that is worth poking fun at.

Released around the same time as the Hollywood hit, The Asylum’s Almighty Thor features Cody Deal in the titular role engaged in an epic quest to recover the Hammer of Invincibility from Loki. The main difference between Almighty Thor and the Marvel movie is that the former has Loki orchestrating the demise of Thor’s father, Odin, and older brother, Balder.

It can be a welcome change of pace from the usual blockbuster movie fare to watch English movies online—for free—that pay homage to superheroes in their own campy yet no less endearing way. Sites like The Viewlorium may have something you like in this regard.

(Source: Top 10 Forgotten Superhero Movies…And Why You Should Watch Them, Filmonic)

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