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Shock and Awe While Watching Online

Horror movies are in a class all their own. In the broadest sense, they are meant to elicit screams from the audience through a good story, creepy special effects, and sheer terror. Developments in filmmaking technology over the years helped ramp up the shock factor but why do people enjoy watching online horror movies for free – knowing it may leave them shaking at night?

Induced Weight-Loss?

Some studies claim that watching a horror movie can encourage a patron to lose weight – and not just from the potentially gory scenes. In one particular test, 12 non-obese men had their metabolism rates slightly higher than normal levels after watching a particularly “stress-inducing” horror flick.

Potential Date Flick

The classic trope of dating couples falling in love at the movie house that’s screening a scary movie does have some basis in reality. A few psychologists state that masculine pride reigns while watching a horror movie and the female date may seek comfort in a man’s arms during a scream-inducing scene. However, you cannot watch it with children lest they carry emotional scars afterwards.

Adrenaline Rush

Horror movies often create excitement and stimulate body functions. Studies indicate that while pulses may race during critical scenes, the movie may leave the audience willing to come back for more.

In the end, there’s nothing wrong with watching horror movies. They help people face their own fears and keep in the belief that “it’s just a movie.”

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