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Sobibor: The Forgotten Camp

One of the things Nazi Germany became notorious for during World War II was their vast network of concentration camps providing forced labor for its war machine. More often than not, the first thing that comes to mind is the camp in Auschwitz, where unspeakable atrocities were known to have been committed.

However, there were other concentration camps that were just as worse. You have probably never heard of the one at Sobibor because Heinrich Himmler ordered the camp literally erased from existence by leaving no stone uncrushed. Today, you can only see the tracks leading into the camp and a few light posts.

It was in Sobibor, however, that prisoners took a stand against the Third Reich by staging a bold escape. After killing SS officers in the camp, around 600 prisoners broke out of the camp, into the minefield and away from the camp guards’ gunfire. Only a tenth of the escapees would live to see the end of the war and beyond.

Due to Himmler’s orders of erasing the camp’s existence, historians know little more about Sobibor, and have to rely on existing excavations to unearth more details. The revolt, fortunately, was immortalized in popular culture, such as in the 1987 British film “Escape from Sobibor”, and the novel on which it was based.

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