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Viewlorium.com is Giving Video Piracy the Left Hook

Bursting onto the personal entertainment seen is Australian based Viewlorium.com, offering the world free streaming movies. In a survey made by Business Insider and Survey Monkey, 61% of 549 respondents said that they take advantage of these free streaming movie services and watch licensed content online.

Providing Affordable and Convenient Sources of Entertainment

According to a survey made by Survey Monkey, cost and convenience were cited by the respondents as the top two reasons to use streaming services. Over 58% of the respondents also said that streaming television shows and movies online services are cheaper than other services such as cable and satellite.

“Our viewers can watch movies without worrying about how much the service may cost. By simply agreeing to watch short clips of advertisements the movies are ‘free’, no signing up, or registering, our viewers have instant access to stream the video content, as much as they want” says Jon Hume of Viewlorium.com

A third of the respondents in the survey noted that streaming is more convenient for on-demand programming than cable and satellite services.

Viewers with 24/7 internet access may easily get to enjoy any of the available movies at any time and place. With a large selection of titles, the viewers have a lot to choose from at Viewlorium.

Helping Out with the Fight against Video Piracy

Such legal sources of free movies online, like Viewlorium.com are a great advantage not only to movie enthusiasts but possibly to the industry as well. Aside from giving the viewers free access to media entertainment, the availability of free movies online is also helping to stop video piracy.

Although the lack of online availability cannot justify video piracy, it is quite thought-provoking to note the link between the two. The results of a research conducted by Mercatus Center researcher Jerry Brito and two of his colleagues regarding the correlation between video content that gets accessed legally and video content that gets downloaded illegally. Interestingly, the results of the research may suggest that people are turning to video piracy because they cannot find the content legally.

Out of the 30 most pirated video titles during the course of three weeks, only seven were available for rent, and none were available for subscription streaming. Even though causality may not be drawn from such data, this correlation may still be worth exploring. “It seems that a bulk of video piracy is now people looking for the current cinema release” says Jon Hume of Viewlorium.com


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